What we Do

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Our Hands on Learning model to help you Learn and Remember consists of 3 steps:

  1. Brief introduction with an overview of concepts and topics to be covered during the day. This usually includes an explanation of “Why your camera acts the way it does – and drives you crazy in the process.”

  2. In the Field – with an instructor helping you every step of the way – each topic is practiced, you take notes in your own words, learn on your own camera – until you fully understand how to how to utilize the day’s topics – and remember them on your own.

  3. Back at the meeting place, you’ll do some quick editing, on your Laptop, Surface, Ipad – whatever you bring, always with an instructor assisting  – but not doing for you – so you can see how your camera captured the day’s images, how the adjustments you made ultimately created  the look we were going after, and add some POP to that final image.

You’ve spent the day Learning by Doing – not watching a slideshow; You’ll understand, because you used your own camera and made your own edits.

We Help You Remember

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