Workshop Calendar

  • Jan 21, 10-12    2 hour Workshop in Sparta Historical Society – Exclusive access with tripods

  • Jan 22, 29, Feb 5,12     4 week class offering much more detail from our standard 3-part Hands-on Workshop


Jan 21, 10-12

Exclusive access to local museum WITH tripods

We have an amazing opportunity to start off the new year. Exclusive access to the Sparta Historical Society building, with Joy and Clarke helping every step of the way. LOTs of very cool vignettes in 6 rooms; parlor, school room, 2 bedrooms, mineral room from local mining, farming model room, and more. Details everywhere you look.

2 hour sessions are limited to 10 people. We MAY be able to add dates, if we fill up. We’ll be doing photos for 90 minutes, and have a half-hour period for help on editing and cropping suggestions.

Here’s your chance to learn how to shoot rooms, vignettes, still life’s and more, in a historically accurate setting, You can go from Fine Art to down-right Creepy if you want…

2 dates – Saturday January 21 at 10am.

Tuesday January 17 at 10am

We’ve built snow-days into their schedule, same time, just a week later. Sample photos below.

And lots more… Details everywhere…

Sign up today with PayPal – we truly do have very limited capacity here – only 10 people per session, if this is popular, we’ll TRY to open up some more dates. The fee is our usual $40.00

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Jan 22, 29, Feb 5, 12

Photo Classes – our new format for the winter

We’ve been asked to expand our base level Workshop, into a 4 week series of classes, still totally hands-on, 2 hours each. The dates will be Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5, and Feb 12. Snow date will be Feb 19. 1pm to 3pm.

Hosted by ArtEtc in Newton NJ. A new, VERY photography friendly Gallery, (where you can also have World Class Archival mounting and framing done for you – or just pick up the best supplies you can get anywhere at REALLY good prices.)

We will cover IN DETAIL:

(1) Why your camera acts the way it does.

Exposure Compensation; what under and over exposed images look like, and how to adjust on your camera.

How to “bracket” your exposures, and why. In-class exercises with your camera, so you can understand and remember how to do this.

(2) Aperture. What it controls. What Depth of Focus means, and how you can use it to make outstanding photos. In-class exercises on your camera, showing how to control the location and depth of sharpness in your shots. How to apply this to landscapes,  still life and portraits.

(3) Shutter Speed. How it controls your subject’s motion. The 3 methods of illustrating motion – and how to do this on your own camera, in-class. How to “Stop Motion” with a fast shutter speed. How to “Pan” your camera to show the subject sharp against a blurred background. How to “Imply” motion with a slow shutter speed – think those silky waterfall photos.

(4) Going Manual – This is our ultimate goal for every one of our members. Being comfortable in Manual Mode. We’ll show you how to take control of your camera, and get the photos you want. Whether you need to control for depth of focus or motion, we’ll go step by step, with your camera to help you understand how to “make all the parts work together”. Time permitting we’ll also illustrate how easy it is to process your images so they’re sharp, adjust color, contrast, etc.

The 4 classes are designed to help you understand and REMEMBER how to use your camera to make YOUR photos look great.

The fee for the 4 Hands on Photography Workshop classes is $135. Here’s the link to the ART ETC Gallery, they’re handling booking and payments:


Sunday Oct 9, 11am,  at the Speakeasy Gallery in Boonton, NJ.

Topics: Exposure Compensation, Aperture and Shutter Priority Modes.

This is 3-Step Hands-on Workshop, starting inside with a quick overview, then we go outside and practice controlling Depth of Focus using Aperture Mode.

Then we walk down to the river and shoot the rapids using Shutter Mode, all the while controlling over and under exposures using the Compensation dial.

Then back to the Gallery: working on your laptop, Ipad or other mobile device, you’ll see the differences in your images, how they were affected by your adjustments, and we’ll help you edit to make them POP.

The cost is $40 at the door, and you can register here through Meet-up:


 Digital Photography for Beginners workshops – An ongoing series of fun workshops, designed to help you learn your camera – what it does and WHY. Always in fun locations, perhaps twice a month, to help you learn AND REMEMBER how to use your camera with confidence – even on your own.

Workshop Calendar

    Workshops for beginners and experienced photographers in upcoming weeks and months

Mid-late August -Another Workshop in Boonton with the great waterfall and park – just made for outdoor portraits. This’ll be based in our good friends the Speakeasy Gallery, the last one was full so be sure to sign up as soon as we have the date confirmed.

Upcoming Subjects:

Outdoor Portraits with great lighting using reflectors – both white and black. If there’s interest we will include on and off camera flash as well – or make it a separate Workshop – YOU GUYS DECIDE, ok?

Location Macro – flowers giving you problems?

Spring Awakens 768 copy 592

IMG_2078ab cdef g bw copy 592

Direct sunlight ruining your shots? We simplify the process and show you how to easily get gorgeous results.

Wet Flower How-to copy 592

_ZZZ2191_00014_HDR Nik Struct1 Bckg added Cropped 12x16 Sharpened Working 4 copy 1182-887 copy

Joy also does a workshop on adding textures and frames to your images.

We help you get the shot, process, and “Make Magic” with Easy to Use techniques.

IMG_2006ab stroke txtre copy 592

IMG_2177abcde viveza brtn flower denoise txtr copy 592

IMG_2061ab final stroke copy 592


How about Wolves you can get down with?

Wolf w teeth & me - Lori copy 592-444


ZZZ_4556 Working 1 copy 592

We’ve found a group that has the Photographer Friendliest setting imaginable – with Wolf / Malamutes that live wild, but are incredibly friendly. LOTS of photo-ops with no fences in the background when we’re properly positioned. Did I mention VERY affordable?


CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FALL – October overnight – 2 day – Gorge and Waterfall Workshop in The Fingerlakes?

Ithaca Enfield 592


20160529_125912-02 copy 592

 Breathtaking locations, and we help you get the shots you’ve always wanted.

Phone Photography – One of our partners is a magician when it comes to phone photos – and he shows you how – using simplified techniques and a FREE editing app for your phone.20150911_213253-01

Many more – these are just the beginning of what will be a very full schedule of Workshops – all done on your own cameras, all Hands-On.

Check out our Destinations Page for more ideas.

The more ideas you give us- the more we all learn – AND REMEMBER.